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Past Events - Network & Chill Part 1

Your ticket includes:

  • (1) signature drink

  • unlimited soft drinks

  • food

  • art show

  • networking

  • admission to the after party

Your Choice Giveaways includes:

  • $100 Gift Card towards a shoot with Jack Flawless

  • $125 Gift Card towards Sue Knows Business services

  • 5 free Virtual Assistant hours

  • A Tray Arts Paint Kit & a bottle of wine

  • a discount on Quickbooks

  • and lots more!

You will also be able to speak and connect with our guest speakers:

  • Courtney Fraser - business lawyer

  • Latica Hyatt - Accountant and Owner of Hyatt Accounting

  • Jodi-Ann Campbell - Owner of Malcolm's Choice (business directory)

  • & Melissa Mansary - Owner of Checklist Canada (virtual assistance)

  • Jack Flawless Photography


Put away your phone


Your cell phone is the ultimate accessory to make yourself look busy and important, even if all you are doing is scrolling through your Instagram feed. You might feel safe hidden behind the virtual wall, but looking at your phone can prevent other people from engaging with you. So, as you prepare to walk into a networking event, put that phone somewhere you cannot access easily and set a time limit of 30 minutes before you check it again.

Bring a memorable business card

Most people who attend a networking event will bring business cards to exchange. Many business cards are the same size and follow the same color scheme and format. To stand out, you might consider creating unique business cards that relate to your industry. For example, if you are a photographer, you could design your business cards to look like a camera or include samples of your work on the back. A creative business card may make people more inclined to connect with you again after the event.

Talk to new people at networking events

Take full advantage of a networking event by meeting as many new people as you can. Making new contacts can expand your network and increase your chances of receiving a new opportunity.

When you attend a new event, attempt to greet five new people per hour, so you can spend about 10 minutes talking to each person. During that time, you can converse about basic topics, such as your professions or hobbies, to see if you can create a common connection.

Listen more, talk less

This will come naturally to you as an introvert, and it can be surprisingly effective. Think about the last time someone really listened to what you had to say without interrupting, looking at a cell phone, or losing focus. True listening is rare, which is why we value it so much. Treat the person in front of you as if they had the power to write about you on the front page of the New York Times — be curious, be present, and be patient.

Be confident


Being self-assured during a networking event can help you successfully navigate the occasion and create more useful connections. When preparing for a networking event, rehearse responses to common questions you might encounter when you speak to new people, such as, “Tell me about yourself,” or “How long have you been in the industry?” Having an answer ready will ensure your delivery is smooth.

Stay connected

Once you have a new relationship, it is important to continue to build and strengthen the foundation. You can call, text or email a new contact a few days after the networking event to express your pleasure in meeting them. Make an offer to meet with them at a specific time to continue your conversation about a shared interest. Try to reconnect with them every few months by emailing an interesting article or industry-related news.


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