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Stuck at a crossroads

Your business needs a roadmap!

about me


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As a business owner for over 12 years, I have experienced the highs and lows that come with the territory. I know all about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly stages of being a business owner. 


My last business, I was a wedding and event decorator and planner, for 6 year! Initially my business started out as a ‘side hobby’ when I was maternity leave and then it grew! So much so, in my 4th year of business, I opened a storefront and decided to quit my comfortable well paying full-time job and take the courageous leap of faith and dedicate myself to my business full time. And boy, was it scary!


I was so busy being everything to my business, the accountant, the social media strategist, customer service, the manager and the employee PLUS I had two small children! It was a lot. I started to sacrifice my sleep, which led to me burning myself out and eventually mental health started to deteriorate. Which left me feeling overwhelmed and undervalued. 

I had to make a change, a really big one. I had to re-align my business' value, so I rebranded and created a team of professionals that could help me in growing my business, in the right direction.

Here I am now to help you with your business' challenges and goals. I paid dearly for a lot of the learning lessons and wouldn't want you to go through the same. I am here to help you as much as I can. Let's talk!


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It was at low point that I realized that I needed to:


Rebrand my business and myself.


Create boundaries for my clients to be able to schedule family and me time.


Create systems and procedures in place so that I could run my business more efficiently.


Hire the right professionals and programs to handle my administrative tasks.

It was then, and only then that I started to feel like myself again. I had better time management which gave me a better business- life balance. The feeling of overwhelm went down drastically, lol it never really goes away.


As a result of my learning experiences, I developed a series of successful processes and techniques that can help you avoid the common mistakes that I made.

During our initial consultation, I will research your industry and tailor my solutions to your business' unique needs. From there I will make suggestions on how we can address the changes needed to bring your business to the next level.

Together we will determine which course of action would be most suitable for your needs. I will look to embarking this business journey with you.

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fun facts


  1. I'm fluent in French. I was in French immersion since grade 2.

  2. I went to school for Marketing and Business Administration.

  3. I  used to be a flight attendant for 9 years.

  4. I love to travel, been to 26 countries.

  5. I love fashion and getting dressed up.

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