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Meet Courtney

Business Lawyer

When I decided to hire someone to manage my office's Instagram page, I knew that someone  HAD to be Sue. Sue has the energy your business needs when it comes to improving your social media presence. Prior to Sue, I was not posting due to finding it difficult to find the time. Sue is very hardworking, always surprising me with what she’s been thinking about and working on for our page.


Her creativity, combined with her knowledge of social media algorithms have been a benefit to our profile, increasing our reach to the entrepreneurs and investors looking for legal advice. 


She is very professional, always updating me on important things and being accessible for questions. She has been trustworthy and always respective of any sensitive and confidential information, which is important in my profession.  


Thank you Sue for all your work.


Courtney Fraser, LL.B

Owner of Fraser & Associates Legal Group

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